Sunday, September 25, 2011

Community Service

A Senior Citizen 95 years old Mr. S.S. Mani Bagavathar, a carnatic music exponent, being presented financial aid at our club on 19/09/2011.

Human Rights and it's Development - a topic of discussion at the club meeting held on 19 Sep 2011.

Dr. K.A. Manikumar, the guest speaker this week spoke about Human Rights and it’s development in India and elsewhere in the world and touched upon various violations that is taking place all over the world in the name of development and in conflict zones. He touched upon the innumerable human right violations that is happening all over India and pointed out the most recent digging out of mass graves in Kashmir where there is unending conflict and the Army is on a prowl. He briefly talked about world wars, various articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and significance of human rights. From a positive angle he spoke eloquently on how India was in the fore front of empowering women with voting rights with out even being asked where as in most other countries including USA women fought on the streets to win this right for themselves