Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week, Family week.

The usual family meeting turned out to be a mini Governors' visit – it was so vibrant with all sorts of projects and a sprinkling of entertainment for the anns and annets who turned out in large numbers. Rtn.K.Girish anchored the entertainment part with some tricky game shows and made the floor lively. Everyone – be it anns, annets or rotarians - participated with equal enthusiasm and won gifts from the president liberally which was presented by our DG B Arumugapandian.
Community Service:
A few deserving elderly women and some school children were given a helping hand and were donated new cotton sarees, school bags, rain coat, umbrellas and geometry boxes for their use. The goodies were presented by DG Arumugapandian to the beneficiaries.
Vocational Service:
Rtn PP PHF Rukumani D Shantha from RC Ambasamudram being honored with the vocational service citation for her service for the welfare of society through rotary and her efforts to impart quality education to rural students receiving the Vocational Excellence Certificate from DG Arumugapandian. First Lady Ann Prabhavathy JP adorned her with a shawl. Rtn PP PHF Rukumani D Shantha on her acceptance speech thanked our Club for this great honour bestowed on her. She said that the District Seminar on Women in Rotary conducted by her in Ambasamudram was a very great success because of every rotarians wholehearted support. She requested all our Anns also to support Rotary activities and TRF.
AP’s Voice:
Delighted District Governor Arumuga Pandian appreciated our club for selecting a deserving Candidate Rtn PP PHF Rukumani D Shantha for the Vocational Award. He has congratulated and also appreciated the Vocational Awardee Rtn PP PHF Rukumani D Shantha for her dedicated service to the the welfare others. DG AP has also appreciated and congratulated our International Director PP PHF Janarthanan for having organized Colombu tour for the members and having attended joint meeting with RC Colombu Mid City RID 3220. He also appreciated President JP for implementing lot of wonderful projects in all avenues and wished our President & our Club to great success in this Rotary year.
The Camera Angle.
A theme based photography and vediography contest “Focal Media” was organised by us on Sept, 23 & 24 for school, college and open categories at Aryaas Mahal, palayamkottai. The themes of the contests were - A day in my school for school students, Poverty / Abolish Polio for college students and Nature / Road Safety and Traffic for the public. Over 200 participants registered for the photo contest and four for video contest. Our District Governor B Arumugapandian inaugurated the event on 23rd evening at 6 pm. (pic) On 24th AG PHF D A Prabhakar was the chief guest at the prize distribution function. First prize for each category - Digital Camera, Second Prize - Watch, Third Prize - Pen Drive and gifts for all participants and certificates were issued.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Community Service

A Senior Citizen 95 years old Mr. S.S. Mani Bagavathar, a carnatic music exponent, being presented financial aid at our club on 19/09/2011.

Human Rights and it's Development - a topic of discussion at the club meeting held on 19 Sep 2011.

Dr. K.A. Manikumar, the guest speaker this week spoke about Human Rights and it’s development in India and elsewhere in the world and touched upon various violations that is taking place all over the world in the name of development and in conflict zones. He touched upon the innumerable human right violations that is happening all over India and pointed out the most recent digging out of mass graves in Kashmir where there is unending conflict and the Army is on a prowl. He briefly talked about world wars, various articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and significance of human rights. From a positive angle he spoke eloquently on how India was in the fore front of empowering women with voting rights with out even being asked where as in most other countries including USA women fought on the streets to win this right for themselves

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foundation funding cut for some programs

Dear Rotarians,

At our April meeting, The Rotary Foundation Trustees examined how the current global economic crisis has affected the Foundation’s ability to support Rotarians’ good work worldwide. Like all foundations, we have experienced substantial unrealized investment losses, forcing us to suspend Matching Grant applications in March of this year. These losses will also have an impact on the amount of money available for program awards in the coming year.
In determining our program and operations budgets for 2009-10, the Trustees made some very difficult decisions. We were fortunate to have the Future Vision Plan to help us focus strategically on what we believe to be best for our Foundation, next year and beyond. For example, funds for polio eradication — our top priority — remain secure, as do the resources to launch the Future Vision pilot in July 2010. We will, however, accelerate the elimination of several programs slated to be discontinued in 2010-11. Effective 1 July 2009, the Foundation will no longer fund the following:
Rotary Grants for University Teachers , except for grants already awarded
Volunteer Service Grants
Cultural and Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships , except for grants already awarded
In addition, the World Fund allocation for Matching Grants was reduced to US$9.5 million for 2009-10, about 70 percent less than the original budget for 2008-09. Districts are encouraged to use their District Designated Fund (DDF), which is secure and not affected by budget cutbacks in any way, to help carry out their humanitarian service projects. Keep in mind, however, that DDF may not be used to support program activities that have been eliminated.
The budget for Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants was also greatly reduced and will only support new projects that are part of our alliance with USAID to improve water and sanitation in the Dominican Republic, Ghana, and the Philippines. We have also suspended some other activities for 2009-10, including the Scholarships Fund Pool for Low-Income Countries, Regional Scholar Seminar Grants, the Rotary Alumni Celebration at the 2010 RI Convention, and training for Rotary Foundation alumni coordinators.
Looking ahead, the Trustees agreed that World Fund Group Study Exchange (GSE) partner districts will spread their exchanges over two years in fiscal years 2010-11 and 2011-12, with one team being funded in each of the years. GSE funding determination for 2012-13, the final year of the program before the Future Vision Plan is implemented across the Foundation, will be made in April 2010.
Read more information about the impact that budget decisions will have on grant application processing for Educational Programs and the Humanitarian Grants Program.
We understand that many Rotarians will be disappointed by one or more of these cutbacks. Given the current economic situation, however, it was essential to reduce the Foundation’s 2009-10 program budget to $153.3 million, which is slightly less than the projected actual for 2008-09 and $27.1 million less than the original 2008-09 budget. Our 2009-10 operations budget, including staffing for the Future Vision pilot, is $43.1 million, about $1.6 million under last year’s budget. Thanks to cost-cutting measures this year, however, we anticipate the 2008-09 projected operations expenses to come in at about $4.6 million under budget.
As troubling as our current economic situation is, we must remember that our Foundation experienced tremendous growth when investment markets were favorable. In good years, we were able to provide tens of millions of dollars to address critical problems in every part of the world. I have every hope that we will once again have a bounty of funds to disperse so that Rotarians can continue to do good in the world for decades to come.
That outcome depends in large part on the continued support of our 1.2 million Rotarians. Although we have had to suspend some of our activities, there can be no moratorium on humanitarian service in Rotary. I am happy to report that Rotarians are continuing to give generously to our Foundation; year-to-date total contributions are higher than last year at this time. Without this support, the program cuts would have been even more painful.
As we work through this economic crisis together, I urge every Rotarian to make a contribution to our Annual Programs Fund by 30 June. Your gifts will strengthen our long-term ability to respond to urgent humanitarian needs and work for a world at peace. I promise you that the Foundation Trustees and our staff will endeavor to protect, maximize, and leverage our Foundation assets as much as we possibly can in today’s volatile economic climate.

Jonathan Majiyagbe
2008-09 Chair, The Rotary Foundation Trustees

New class of Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars selected

More than 750 university students from 60 countries have been selected to study abroad as Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars during the 2009-10 academic year. Designed to bridge cultures and encourage goodwill, the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is one of Rotary’s leading efforts to promote world peace and understanding.
Ambassadorial Scholarships provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study at participating universities in the 200 countries and geographical areas where Rotary clubs are active. While abroad, scholars participate in community service projects and speak at local Rotary club meetings and conferences, schools, civic organizations, and other forums where they serve as “goodwill ambassadors” for their home countries.
In 2008-09, nearly 700 scholars from some 70 countries studied in more than 60 nations, at a program cost of approximately US$12 million.
Top U.S. universities sending Rotary Scholars abroad for the 2009-10 academic year include:
United States Military Academy (10 scholars)
University of Florida-Gainesville (seven scholars)
University of California-Berkeley (six scholars)
Stanford University (six scholars)
United States Naval Academy (six scholars)
Northwestern University (six scholars)
Rotary’s Ambassadorial Scholarships program is the world’s largest privately sponsored international scholarship program. Focused on humanitarian service, personal diplomacy, and academic excellence, the program has sponsored more than 40,000 scholars since 1947. Alumni include former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Philip Lader, Goucher College President Sanford Ungar, former US Ambassador to India David Mulford, and Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert.
For additional information visit; or contact the The Rotary Foundation Contact Center at 1-866-9ROTARY;

Kenny calls upon Rotarians to take action

Rotary clubs can earn a 2009-10 Presidential Citation by meeting the criteria RI President John Kenny has set for service and membership.
Rotary clubs can help show that the future of Rotary is in their hands and earn a 2009-10 Presidential Citation by meeting the criteria RI President John Kenny has set for service and membership.
To qualify for a citation, clubs must achieve a net increase of at least one member. For the service requirement, clubs must complete an activity in three of six categories, which reflect priorities of the RI Strategic Plan 2007-10: polio eradication, public image, service, membership, vocational service, and leadership.
Clubs must complete these requirements between 1 July and 31 March.
Interact and Rotaract clubs may also earn a Presidential Citation by completing two activities from any of the categories or by participating significantly in two activities with their sponsor club. District governors will receive special recognition if half or more of the clubs in their district earn the citation.
Rotary clubs must submit their certification forms and those of the Rotaract and Interact clubs they sponsor to their district governor by 31 March. RI World Headquarters must receive the list of certified clubs from district governors by 15 April.
The 2009-10 RI theme, The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands, emphasizes the role individual clubs will play in the future of the organization. Kenny has urged districts and clubs to align their goals with the strategic plan and to develop service projects within three areas of emphasis: water, health and hunger, and literacy.
"Water is a main emphasis because it is the first necessity for every man, woman, and child," he explains. "We could, I suppose, live without oil, but none of us can live without water."
Clubs and districts are already busy with hands-on projects. Clubs in District 5950 (Minnesota, USA) are working to provide safe drinking water to people in Uganda displaced by civil war, according to District Governor Sandra Schley.
In District 9210 (Malawi; Mozambique; Zambia; Zimbabwe), District Governor Stallard Mpata will work with clubs to improve functional literacy in villages.
"We will empower rural communities to read basic information on agricultural practices to improve incomes and food security," he says.
Districts are also furthering Rotary’s four Avenues of Service. "We are planning to provide vocational training to youth to provide them with opportunities for making a livelihood," says Trichur N. "Raju" Subramanian, governor of District 3140 (India).
Lip-Kee Yap, president of the Rotary Club of Singapore, would like to see his club and district develop and fund portable relief containers for victims of disasters in Asia.
"A project of this nature draws on the efforts of every service committee in our club," he says. "The reminder that The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands will resonate well in our club."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Service Projects Unvield.School and College Toppers Recognised.

On the occassion of the installation ceremony conducted by Rotary club of Tinnevelly for it's president and office bearersseveral service projects were unvield for the benefit of the poor sections of the society and also top students were recognised with certificates of merit.

District Governor Elect 2010-11 Rtn. J.K Kumar installed F.Melkio and N.S.Santhoshkumar as President and Secretary of the club respectively in a simple ceremony.

Subsequently as customory every year service projects and awards were presented to the deserving and meritorious by the District Collector M.Jayaraman who was the chief guest.

The district topper in Hr.Sec examination this year Aswath and Janani were presented the Nitish Lahari award. The SSLC toppers Nanda Selvakumar and Hebsiba Buelah were presented the Silver Jubilee award and Dharun Niranjan and Renga were presented the Golden jubilee awrds for the Matric examination toppers.
While Justice Ramasamy memorial award best law students were presented to Gurushankar and Poovizhi Selvi the Medical student award of PDG R.Subramanian award was presented to Dr.Sriram and Dr.Naveena. It is a pleasant co-incidence that Sriram happens to be the grand son of PDG R Subramanian.
For the school producing the best results in SSLC in the city St.Ignatius Convent Palayamkottai has won the ever rolling Ramalaksmi Ammal Shield and they haave won the Lalitha Mani Rolling Shield also for the HSC category. The Lion Somasundaram shield for the best matric school was won by Rosemary Matric School.

Several welfare aids worth about a lahk of rupees were distributed by the chief guest to deserving poor members of the society. 3 poor young ladies were given Gold Mangalya Sutra and "Seer Varisai" for their ensuing marriage. Three other ladies were given sewing machine and two men were given Computers to pusue their vocation.

A kid (young goat) was presented to a villager Natarajan who has to rear it and give back to the club one female kid it produces which will be given to some other beneficiary. This is a novel continuing service project being run for the last 5 years.

A galaxy of past district Governors and dignitories from other clubs participated. In his address Mr.Jayaraman appreciated the service rendered by Rotary clubs all over the world and recalled his association with Rotary clubs in ensuring post tsunami relief to the affected people in the coastel districts of Nagapttinam when he was working as collector there.